A life of learning starts early at Olivine

In the remarkable journey of a child's growth, every moment counts—from recognising a parent's voice to those first cautious steps. 

Child development experts say that the initial eight years of life are formative, creating a foundation for future learning. By nurturing children through early childhood education, we lay the groundwork for a bright and fulfilling future—a future shaped by a love for learning, emotional intelligence, and a deep appreciation for life's wonders. 

Early childhood learning offers a myriad of cognitive benefits 

Purposeful playtime and structured activities benefit brain development, accelerating language skills, numeracy, problem-solving, and critical thinking. Under the guidance of trained educators, children cultivate creativity, imagination, and curiosity—all essential qualities for a fulfilling life.

Surrounded by peers, children experience important emotional growth. In social settings, they learn empathy, sharing, self-regulation, and conflict resolution, laying the foundation for meaningful friendships and a sense of connection with others from diverse backgrounds.

Childcare, kindergarten, and prep

Long before they sit their first school exam, there are plenty of opportunities for kids to learn.

Even though it can be hard for parents to part from their children when it comes time to return to work, there’s a lot of evidence that childcare is beneficial for childhood development. There’s ample time for play, exploration, making friends, and learning through trial-and-error—all under the watchful eye of a trained specialists.

For three- and four-year-olds, kindergarten can help provide a smooth transition into school life when they get older. During this phase, youngsters actively develop skills like sorting, counting, identifying shapes, and the basics of reading and writing, all while engaging in play-based learning.

In Victoria, the first year of school is called Foundation or Prep. To be eligible for Prep, children must turn five years old by 30 April of the intended school year, with schooling becoming compulsory when they turn six. During this foundational year, children focus on language improvement, problem-solving, expressing emotions, creative endeavors, and exploring the world of music, art, and their environment.

Early learning at Olivine

In Donnybrook’s Olivine community, there are several early childhood education options available to provide a stimulating environment in which to nurture social, academic, and emotional potential.

Wallaby Childcare 
Opening in Olivine in Spring 2023, Wallaby Childcare is focused on ensuring children aged six weeks to five years old are cared for in a safe, secure, and loving environment where they’re encouraged to thrive and make new friendships. Providing affordable childcare by highly qualified staff and specialised kindergarten teachers, Wallaby Childcare at Olivine will even have qualified chefs to create fresh and nutritious multi-cultural food for the children. 

Eucalyptus Parade Kindergarten 
Eucalyptus Parade Kindergarten is located on the Hume Anglican Grammar’s Donnybrook campus at Olivine. Run by The Y, the kindergarten has an emphasis on engaging with young children so they have a voice in their own education. It is home to 2 large rooms for 3-year-old and 4-year-old kindergarten programs, and stimulating outdoor spaces that provide a thriving educational hub for the children to enjoy. 

Donnybrook Primary School
Located at the heart of the Olivine community, Donnybrook Primary School is built on high expectations for all, with a strong emphasis on learning growth. With state-of-the-art facilities and a team of talented teachers, the school prides itself on effective and evidence-based teaching methods and practices in the classroom. Catering for students in Prep to Year 6, Donnybrook Primary School aims to develop learners who are knowledgeable, caring, curious and creative, who embrace others as equals, think critically, demonstrate integrity and act ethically.

With three great early education facilities already part of the neighbourhood, Olivine’s littlest community members won’t need to travel far to learn and grow.